5 Ways to care for her during pregnancy

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5 Ways to care for her during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for every family. Its the time to welcome a new member into the family. Naturally there are many physical changes which mom has to cope with but along with this there are hormonal changes as well and this can cause mood swings. Mom may be snappy, irritable, sulky or even prone to bouts of tears. The dad feels a little overwhelmed and may not know how to cope with these sudden mood changes. Here are five must do’s for dad’s who are expecting their little bundle of Joy:

1. Make sure mom is eating healthy. A healthy diet can help mom to feel physically comfortable and hence make management of hormones a lot easier.
2. Pamper mom and make her feel special – sometimes a loving text message or a single rose may be enough to bring a smile to mom’s face.
3. Keep doctor’s appointments – Moms need to have dads visit the doctor with them. It makes them feel that dad is involved so make sure you visit the doctor with mom and also be present for all the sonography visits. It will help you connect better with the pregnancy.
4. Attend a prenatal class together – classes which have dads as part of the program are a great place to meet other couples who are going through a similar phase of life. They can be a great source of learning and fun at the same time.
5. Read up – This one is very important. Be aware of the changes, the pregnancy and birth terms, the due date and more. Mom needs to know that you are involved and aware of what is happening with her.

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