Before planning for pregnancy

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Before planning for pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most joyous moments of life. To make sure these moments don’t turn out to be a disaster, you may take some precautions.

  • Performing tests for TSH (Screening test for thyroid) & HBA1C (Glycosylated Hb) to ensure delivery without birth defects
  • Making sure you have a pre-pregnancy blood test done to see if you are immune to the Rubella disease.
  • Checking for HIV and Hepatitis B infections. Unlike HIV, which requires contact of infected secretion to either mucosa or abraded skin, Hepatitis B virus can penetrate intact skin.


  • Apart from infections, another very important thing to keep in mind during preconception counselling is Thalassemia.  (An asymptomatic adult can be a carrier of Thalassemia genes (Thalassemia minor) and when two such adult marry each other, chances of baby being affected with Thalassemia major is high although not as a rule).

Apart from these precautions, expectant mother should maintain her Haemoglobin levels not less than 11gm%.

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