Mr. Would be Daddy – Part 10/10

Mr. Would be Daddy – Part 10/10

Putting it all together!

Face your anxieties; and the way to get rid of them is seeking correct & rational information.

  1. Develop your healthy eating habits, with her. Eat enough veggies, fruits and protein; take iodized salt, ensure regular intake of iron-folic acid tablets. You will have alternative ways of taking iron if there are unbearable side-effects.
  2. Restrict caffeine intake. Restrict your alcohol intake! Stop smoking and eating junk food!
  3. The must-have nutrients are folic acid, iron, protein, calcium, vitamin D. Vitamin A is critical as well (found in dark green vegetables like spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots and fish).
  4. Each time she has fever or illness, suspect a potential infection that must be immediately treated. However, prohibit her from taking any medication without the doctor’s prescription.
  5. Provide her ample opportunities to take rest. Taking rest in-between work/activity (i.e. sitting, lying down) is much needed.
  6. Morning sickness can be reduced by eating healthy; spacing apart the meals; refraining from over-eating or under-eating; staying hydrated and getting good rest. Lemon and/or ginger may help.
  7. Correct sleeping positions, spine-stretching exercises before sleep, or a full-body pillow can give her a good night’s sleep!
  8. Be patient, listening and co-operative with her changing moods. These are physiological and temporary. It’s a phase. Make her laugh and/or divert attention, whenever possible.
  9. Become a reminder for the battery of tests, which need to be conducted during pregnancy; plus the injections and/or tablets to be taken
  10. Routines will change after birth. Patience and training ‘makes’ a father. Watch out for any depressive symptoms in the mother, for the first six months after delivery
  11. Baby must be breastfed as soon as possible after delivery and exclusively breastfed for the first six months; should get all necessary vaccines on the first day. Ensure complete hygiene and warmth for the baby.


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