To Dear Future Father

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To Dear Future Father

In this era we focus our attention completely towards pregnant mother to improve health of child. Even before the pregnancy much attention is given towards how healthy potential mother is or there are always comments about women’s ability to carry healthy pregnancy once she is of child bearing age. I guess that is Indian culture but how often we have seen a man of child bearing age has been advised for living healthy life style. Over last decade or so, number of studies has now linked nutritional status of father to child’s metabolism and health. For example, collaborative study conducted at National Cancer Institute, Maryland, USA and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, North Carolina, USA using mice showed that restricting the food intake of males before two weeks of sexual mating resulted in decrease in blood glucose levels and abnormal changes in corticosterone (stress related hormone) and insulin-like growth factor in newborns compared to males who were on regular fortified diet before sexual mating (Anderson et al., 2006). There are number of studies done in humans and laboratory animal model has shown that consumption of betel nuts (Supari) (contains nitrosamines) by male partner is linked with incidences of hyperglycemia and other metabolic complications in their children (Lin et al., 2008, Chen et al., 2006, Boucher et al., 1994).

Transmission of diseased condition from father to child is not only limited to imbalance in nutrition but addiction to various drugs, alcohol and smoking also responsible for making child susceptible for more devastating brain damages and behavioral complications in future. For example, studies conducted at University of Minnesota showed that single alcohol exposure by male mice before sexual mating resulted in more aggressive behavior in their offspring compared to control group offspring whose father did not consume alcohol (Meek et al., 2007). Taken together, these studies provide strong evidence that the exposure of males to unhealthy diet, drugs and habit forming substances can lead to behavioral changes in child via sperms of father.



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